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I would do anything to fight the virus but I won’t do that


Glenn Beck apparently has a rather serious second case of COVID, but don’t worry, he has Done His Own Research:

Conservative talk radio host Glenn Beck has fallen sick with the coronavirus—again.

This time around, the former Fox News host turned conservative media mini-mogul said Wednesday afternoon, the illness has progressed into his lungs.

“I am great, Mark. I am great, Mark,” Beck told fellow right-wing radio star Mark Levin during his daily radio program. “Despite having COVID and seeing the destruction of our country,” he added.

“Do you have COVID right now?” Levin asked.

“Ya, I do,” Beck fired back, adding, “It’s [COVID-19] starting to go into my lungs today and a little disturbing. I’m on all the medications and treatments and everything else, so.”

“It’s all good,” Beck said while letting out a deep cough.

Former President Donald Trump’s unpaid and unofficial hype man proceeded to ask Beck if he had begun taking a monoclonal antibody cocktail, which has shown to be somewhat effective on persistent COVID-19 cases. But with the new Omicron variant, the treatment has proven largely ineffective, according to multiple studies.

“No, the monoclonal doesn’t seem to be working for the new strain,” Beck responded before listing off a series of drugs, including ivermectin, which he has been consuming to hit the sickness “hard.”

“The monoclonal don’t work with the variant, so instead I will take horse dewormer” is quite the logical progression. But, hey, it would pretty much be the least dumb thing in the Supreme Court opinion that will cause tens of thousands of deaths, so what the hell.

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