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Campus PC is as out of control as it’s ever been


I am beginning to think that conservative complaints about cancel culture are not entirely in good faith:

We’re 26 days into 2022, and there’s still almost a week left in January to turn this month around, but in light of recent news, I’m ready to call it: this year is off to a horrible start. We’ve got Omicron, abortion bans, Paris Hilton selling NFTs on The Tonight Show, and we’ve got the McMinn County School Board of Tennessee, which has decided in its infinite wisdom that Maus should be banned from all school curricula and libraries.

If you’ve been to an American high school in the past 20-odd years, you’ve probably read Maus, Art Spiegelman’s Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel about Spiegelman’s father’s experience during the Holocaust, including his imprisonment in German concentration camps. According to transcripts of the meeting, which actually took place on January 10, the ten members of the school board voted unanimously to ban Maus, citing the use of swears (the phrase “damn”) and nudity (of cartoon animals during a genocide). “Not saying that there is not important material, I’ve read it and read through all of it and the parts it talks about the father, the father is the guy that went through the Holocaust, I really enjoyed, I liked it,” said school board member Mike Cochran. “There were other parts that were completely unnecessary.” Cochran also stated that he felt teachers could “teach kids history” without “nakedness and all the other stuff.” Another board member, Tony Allman expressed concern about the violence in the book, saying, “It shows people hanging, it shows them killing kids, why does the educational system promote this kind of stuff?”

If nude cartoon mice are beyond the pale I’m concerned what will happen when the parents discover Winnie the Pooh. We are, after all, dealing with the common clay of the new Confederacy here:

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