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Bad faith is our only hope


The best case scenario is that the “right” not to show vaccination status for any purpose Republicans invented in 2021 will vanish once the felt need that motivated it — undermining the Biden administration — goes away. But the worst case is gaining and might be the odds-on favorite at this point:

But GOP lawmakers in other states are increasingly moving in this direction.

In Georgia, a GOP state senator proposed a bill that would ban the state from requiring “proof of any vaccination of any person as a condition of providing any service or access to any facility.” The bill was endorsed by 17 state senators, about half of the Republican contingent in a chamber where you need less than 30 votes to pass something.

When it was pointed out that this could quite logically extend to vaccine requirements for the state’s public schools, state Sen. Jeff Mullis (R) said he planned to “adjust” the bill.

Efforts by Republicans in Wisconsin also have shown some real momentum. State Senate Health Committee Chairman Patrick Testin (R) held a hearing this month that included Senate Bill 336. The bill would, among other things, prohibit schools and universities from excluding students because of their vaccination status. And, again, it’s not just about coronavirus vaccines.

Republicans have already pulled of a remarkable anti-public health propaganda coup. But this has the possibility to get so much worse.

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