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The rube-runners and the rubes


America’s most influential source of the anti-vaxx propaganda that is avoidably killing unfathomable numbers of people has internal policies that don’t reflect the demagoguery of its bingo callers:

Fox Corporation, the owner of Fox News, told employees on Friday that those working in New York City would have to show proof they’d had at least one dose of the Covid vaccine by Dec. 27, removing the option to get tested weekly instead.

The new policy was in keeping with New York City’s vaccine rule, which Mayor Bill de Blasio announced in early December and which is more stringent than a contested Biden administration rule requiring vaccine mandates or weekly testing at larger employers.

The New York City mandate, which requires on-site workers at all businesses to be vaccinated, is the country’s most sweeping local vaccine mandate and affects some 184,000 businesses.

“Our policy reflects the guidelines of the mandate,” a spokesman for Fox Corporation said in an email on Monday. More than 90 percent of Fox’s employees are vaccinated, the company said.

Rupert Murdoch was one if the first people in the world to get vaccinated, and I’d best serious money that Tucker wasn’t far behind. But these people aren’t stupid; they just literally don’t care at all about the health and lives of the people putting tons of money into their pockets every year.

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