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The paranoid style (with typos)


And no “there enlies” isn’t eleventy-dimensional chess to own the libs — Boebert is a sub-literate moron who is perfectly capable of unintentionally mis-spelling/using any big words she tries to deploy. (Fewer than 350 people under the age of 21 are kidnapped by strangers per year in the USA).

The whole QAnon cinematic universe, of which this tweet is a part (reminder: Lauren Boebert represents the current Republican party far more than Mitt Romney and other “respectable” types do), is a paranoid expression of non-paranoid fear: the fear of reactionary white people in America that they are losing their children and their country — not literally, but because the loathsome nonsense that makes up their world view is becoming increasingly unpopular, as the demographics of the nation shift.

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