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Neil Gorsuch’s monument to bad faith


As bad as it is to see nihilistic indifference to a pandemic that has killed more than a million Americans directly or indirectly in the Atlantic, it’s even worse to see it in the United States Reports (although this time at least in dissent):

The bad faith doesn’t end there:

See, New York should have just created a scheme where anyone who refuses to take the vaccine can be sued for one million dollars in damages plus legal expenses!

And while the idea that Hochul is acting out of anti-religious animus is absurd, the same can’t be said for Neil Gorsuch:

And as Stern says, comparing vaccine requirements to mandatory flag salutes is trivializing the pandemic just as surely as the “only rootless cosmopolit…I mean, the Professional Managerial Class thinks that a pandemic killing a 9/11 every two days and overwhelming hospitals all over the country is worth a moment’s thought” guy.

And, of course, the three justices citing some immaterial statements from New York’s governor to falsely claim anti-religious animus all joined…Trump v. Hawaii:

This is, as Kagan said about Alito’s most recent anti-voting-rights opinion, a law-free zone.

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