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Some of you pointed out yesterday that I was conflating debt limit issues with a lack of a budget. You were right!

But my point was different. It was that a shutdown would be highly damaging, and that we must end the ability of Republicans to take hostages in a government shutdown. I agree that not extending the debt limit would destroy the world economy, whereas a shutdown because we don’t have a budget authorized primarily damages the US economy.

Both situations are often depicted as a game of chicken, which lays blame on both sides. What actually happens is that Republican hostage-taking can force something that looks like a game of chicken, in which Democrats defend responsible governing and Republicans throw the steering wheel out the window.

I think we’ve got a debt limit situation coming up. It’s hard to tell in the middle of so many crises.

The Republicans blinked yesterday, so now we have another continuing resolution, which is a little better than a shutdown, but not much. Trust me, I’ve been there.

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