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We Outnumber Them


As I tossed and turned last night trying to get to sleep despite thoughts of anti-vaxxers wearing yellow stars and attacking school boards, I started to wonder how many of them there are.

According to KFF, 72% of the adult population is vaccinated. Sixteen percent say “definitely not,” and that number has been decreasing since mandates have been put in place. Children 5-12 are now being vaccinated in large numbers.

How many school boards are being menaced by anti-vaxxers? The articles never tell us, just as earlier articles never told us what part of the population sat in diners all day, proclaiming the glories of Donald Trump.

There’s no doubt that anti-vaxxers are a danger in some places. But I’ve also seen a Twitter thread about a school board in Idaho that cited fire limits as a reason for keeping people out of the building and had police backing them up. How many school boards are fighting back effectively?

The anti-vaxxers are part of a small anti-government movement that includes “militias,” sovereign citizens, and other kooks. Because they are willing to be loud and violent, and because the media get off on covering them, they look stronger than they are.

Public opinion is strongly in favor of the legislation Congress has passed and is considering; again, the nay-sayers are in the minority. Two of Biden’s significant recovery bills have passed. Unfortunately, the nay-sayers have inordinate power in Congress.

We outnumber them. We have to use that wherever we can to crush them.

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