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When you awoke


The best way to get a fawning profile from the Politico/Axios axis is to take policy stances that favor the material interests of editors at Politico and Axios as opposed to your typical constituent. And, hence, this Axios appreciation of Kyrsten Sinema:

Between the lines: Progressives could be forgiven for presuming that Sinema, 45, the first openly bisexual member of Congress, who’s easy to spot in her trademark sleeveless dresses, wry wigs and acrylic glasses, would share their woke politics.They’ve been befuddled, and increasingly enraged, when she behaves more like the late Republican Sen. John McCain, another Arizonan who didn’t mind challenging party orthodoxies.

At her core, Sinema is something of a fiscal conservative, which disappoints progressives, leading them to whisper about a primary challenge in 2024.

She’s unconventional (see: recent internship at a Sonoma winery) and a force to be reckoned with. She’s known to rise between 4-5 a.m. to train for her next race, and she was forced to take up aqua jogging after breaking her foot this summer in something called the “Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon.”

Yes, see the problem is that Social Justice Warrior Joe Biden decided that the BBBA should include mandatory daily diversity training and a copy of White Fragility to be sent to every American. If it had included something that addressed the material interests of ordinary people — say, funding for childcare and free community college — things would be different!

Of course, the free ride when you’ve already paid is that Axios is treating one of the most banal figures in American politics — a obstructionist conservative Democrat beholden to wealthy special interests — as something new under the sun because she’s bisexual and dresses unconventionally for a member of Congress.

As for why they’re rooting for her so palpably, here you go:

She’s suggested to some allies that she’s reluctant to support any increase in the corporate tax rate, but she’s more likely to accept a smaller increase to the headline rate — likely in the 24% range, well short of Biden’s proposed 28%.

She’s raised flags about increasing the rate on corporations’ international profits, which she believes could harm their competitiveness.

On capital gains, she’s also indicated that she’s opposed to Biden’s headline 39.6% rate but could accept a number in the mid-twenties.

The aristocrats!

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