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The only thing more dangerous than an opportunistic Republican is a principled Republican


The argument against vaccine mandates is completely incoherent nonsense unless you’re just anti-vaxx. The best case scenario is that MAGA anti-vaxx arguments will be confined to COVID-19 and people wil forget about the arguments once Daddy Trump no longer demands them. The scary and increasingly plausible scenario is that the MAGA party line will be to make smallpox great again:

For a while in this space, we’ve been focused on a looming question: How long before Republicans’ coronavirus vaccine skepticism and anti-mandate fervor makes the next logical jump: to the other vaccines that have been mandated for many years?

We’ve seen some halting moves in that direction, including when Tennessee moved to curtail outreach on all vaccines to children, and then when a key Florida lawmaker last month suggested his state could “review” those other mandates. (Both ultimately pulled back.)

But in many ways, it makes too much sense that other vaccine mandates could be targeted next. So much of the GOP rhetoric is about how it’s wrong to mandate vaccines, full stop. How do you make that argument and then … still mandate other vaccines?

And some new data shows how primed we could be for just such a partisan debate.

The new YouGov poll shows that fewer than half of Republicans — 46 percent — now say parents should be required to vaccinate their children against infectious diseases.

That’s both far shy of where Democrats are at — 85 percent — and also far shy of where Republicans used to be. Used to be, as in last year.


But the simplicity of those talking points comes at the expense of the potential for feeding broader vaccine and vaccine-mandate opposition. It’s logical to think some people might take those things at face value, or even that they are intended as a wink-and-a-nod to the rather passionate and loud vaccine skeptic community, which many Republicans have been careful not to upset even as they’ve given the vaccines a periodic thumbs-up.

First you bullshit, then your followers take the bullshit at face value, and then you believe it yourself: the great Republican circle jerk of life. And the #2 House Republican is among those who want not only COVID-19 but whooping cough to be spread as far and wide as possible:

This is a dangerous place.

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