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Speaking of the power elite, check out this rogues’ gallery

Whoah Nellie, as Keith Jackson used to say.

Let’s see who we’ve got here on Team Fascism:

Pete Dawkins was the original Roger Staubach or the new Glenn Davis. He’s spent the last 40 years raking it in big time from the likes of Lehman (whoops) and Bain.

Ambassador Mary Dawkins is this person, who’s bio is worth lingering over if you’re into that kind of thing, as I very much am (RIP C. Wright Mills).

I take it an eminence of the likes of Ric Flair needs no introduction to the LGM audience.

Ditto Laurie and Doug Flutie. Yeah I watched that play live. It was long ago and far away and it was so much better than it is today.

Double ditto Johnny Rodgers. I also watched that play live. Jesus I’m old.

To be honest I’m not old enough t remember Mike Garrett at USC and barely remember him with the Chargers, but I do recall his tenure as USC’s AD. I think he hired Pete Carroll though I’m not looking it up.

Tom Glanvine earned $128,639,283 in salary during his major league career. He also made some mildly louche commercials with Greg Maddux (“Chicks dig the long ball”). Here’s a bit on Chris

I did not know Brian Kelley, but he’s apparently a fairly big deal in the world of contemporary C&W.

You can google the host committee if you like as I’m too depressed now.

But seriously, a lot of Respectable People are big Donald Trump fans, and basically consider the idea that he’s America’s leading avatar of a worldwide resurgence of fascism to be insane, even though it’s the most obvious possible observation one can make about contemporary American politics.

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