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Saturday Night Live’s Terrible Political Humor


Why on Earth is the weekly Saturday Night Live limply written, questionably acted, and toothless political humor now such a big deal that every week it trends on Twitter? We have gotten to the point of the New York Times reporting on the weekly perambulations. For decades, SNL’s political humor has been almost nothing but imitations. Only on extremely rare occasions, such as the Dave Chapelle skit after the 2016 election when all the whites are freaked out by Trump’s election and the Black people in the room just figure it is America does it reach anything even remotely interesting. At times, the news segment had some bite, especially with Norm MacDonald hosting it. But there is better political comedy on TV every night with Colbert alone, not to mention other late night hosts. But even outside of my personal judgement on it, what is the SNL obsession about here? Personally, I think it is aging people who long for the era where we had a) a political system stable enough we could laugh at bad humor at it and b) water cooler talk about TV.

In any case, I find nothing remotely interesting about SNL for, oh, 25 years or so now. I see no good reason why we should think the bad political comedy and cheap imitations of the show should be something anyone interested politics should ever talk about.

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