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Dennis Prager successfully acquires COVID in order to protect himself from COVID


Preparatory to anything else, note that Prager is very far from a marginal figure in the world of American conservatives. He has a weekly column handled by Creators Syndicate (the leading distributor of syndicated columns for the mainstream media), that appears regularly in the National Review among many other places. His “PragerU” is one of the biggest things on YouTube.

And very obviously he has gone insane:

The view that “natural” COVID immunity is much better than vaccine immunity, and that therefore you should actively seek out to get COVID and then be treated for it via the regimen Prager recommends, which runs the full spectrum from things that might possibly help at the margin to total quackery, is apparently widespread in right wing circles. In that epistemic bubble, rejecting vaccines (which are vastly more effective and far safer than even the non-quack therapies he recommends) has become an article of conservative faith and tribal identity.

Really, watch the video (it’s only two minutes), and keep in mind that millions of people unquestioningly follow this person’s advice as if he were some sort of cult leader, which in fact is exactly what he and those like him on the right are.

Future historians will have to sort out how it came to be that a vaccine developed during the Trump administration, and taken by the Dear Leader himself, somehow became a nefarious liberal plot. Meanwhile by Thanksgiving we are going to hit one million excess deaths in the USA since February of last year. (Excess deaths are defined as deaths above and beyond the average number of deaths that would have been expected over this time. Three quarters of those deaths will be attributed officially to COVID, but that leaves a quarter million corpses in the form of what used to be referred to in Vietnam as “collateral damage, i.e., undiagnosed COVID deaths, deaths from other medical causes indirectly caused by COVID’s effect on the medical system and peoples’ access to it etc.)

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