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Things fall apart


This confrontation between New Wave GOP wack job Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Debbie Dingell, the widow of the great Michigan congressman John Dingell, and the successor to his seat in the House of Representatives, illustrates how absurd any talk of bipartisan compromise has become:

It’s good to see that after decades of remaining in a defensive crouch in the face of the increasingly fascistic tendencies of the contemporary Republican party, even some establishment Democrats are getting completely fed up. You can’t reason with a political movement made up of millennial fantasists, dead-end reactionaries, Randian greedheads, gun fetishists, open white supremacists, evangelical grifters and their marks, Catholic integralist types, etc. etc. etc.

Either these people are driven back to the political margins or this country isn’t going to survive. How to make the former thing happen without massive bloodshed is an interesting question.

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