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The Stasi State and Education


Texas’ Stasi-like Republican Party has also sought to fire any educator teaching about racism under the scare words of CRITICAL RACE THEORY. They have done so. But that also leads to backlash when people realize that their beloved teacher or principal has been fired for doing such things as discussing slavery. Take the not so great Dallas suburb of Grapevine.

For weeks, parents and students in Texashave been fighting to reinstate James Whitfield, Colleyville Heritage High School’s first Black principal, who was suspended last month after being publicly accused of promoting critical race theory.

Teens staged school walkouts. Their parents peppered the comments of the district’s social media posts with pleas to bring Whitfield back tocampus. And on Monday, nearly three dozen teachers, parents and students spoke directly to the Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District’s board of trustees.

“Extraordinary principals like Dr. Whitfield are few and far between,” a woman who identified herself as Stacey Silverman said during the hours-long school board meeting. “The abysmal and racist treatment he has endured at the hands of this administration is unconscionable and nothing short of a witch hunt.”

Whitfield’s battle with the district in the Dallas-Fort Worth area began during a July 26 meeting when a former school board candidate publicly accused the principal of supporting critical race theory and “the conspiracy theory of systemic racism.”

In the weeks following the meeting, the district placed Whitfield on paid administrative leave. Superintendent Robin Ryan submitted a request to the district’sboard, asking its members to authorize a move to notify Whitfield of Ryan’s intent to end the principal’s contract.

On Monday, the board voted in favor of the nonrenewal notice, which will force Whitfield to publicly defend his term before facing a final vote that will decide his fate in the district. Whitfield’s existing contract expires at the end of the 2021-2022 school year.

Whitfield has consistently denied promoting critical race theory and said that he is the target of political activists who want to block attempts to make schools more inclusive.

In fact, Critical Race Theory is a legal theory explaining structural racism in America. In Texas, Critical Race Theory is anyone who discusses race in a way that might make white people feel uncomfortable, such as that schools in Grapevine should be inclusive.

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