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The Fugitive Uterus Act is bad faith all the way down


Greg Abbott says that it’s fine that he just signed a law coercing people to potentially carry their rapist’s child to term because he will simply eliminate all rape:

It’s also not clear how arresting a rapist causes a pregnancy to vanish, but I’m sure Todd Akin will have all of the details in the biology textbook that is standard for Texas high schools shortly.

In addition to the obvious, note all of Abbott’s hand-waving about how this isn’t really coercing people into barbaric choices because after all they have six weeks! Not only is this not nearly enough time in many cases, absolutely nothing of any biological or moral significance has happened to a fetus after 6 weeks — if Abbott believed the alleged premise of the bill he would be lamenting the 6-week window rather than promoting it. But this is just all just free-from misogynist nihilism, and Abbott is right that implemented on the ground and exposed to the light of day the “pro-life” position will be massively unpopular.

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