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The anti anti-anti vax left (or “left”)


I’m even more sick of these people than of the anti-vaxxers themselves if that’s possible.

While it’s true that your typical upper class pundit type isn’t nearly as conscious as he should be of the barriers that poor and working class people face in terms of getting a COVID vaccine and then possibly dealing with a day or two of minor symptoms that could interfere with the ability to work or take care of children (whoops that’s actually work too!), it’s also true that for four months now in America anybody has been able to get a vaccine on any day they wanted to, indeed usually without an appointment ahead of time. So the check your privilege argument only goes so far, meaning not very.

It’s painfully obvious that by this point the vast majority of people who haven’t gotten vaccinated aren’t people who want to get vaccinated but are finding it difficult to do so for practical reasons, but instead are either hardcore resisters to the idea, or just real lazy and selfish. So what’s motivating our manic pixie semi-leftist but actually kinda reactionary commenter to keep making increasingly incredible excuses for these people?

I think this pretty much nails half the reason:

cori bush’s protest stan account


Replying to @notkavi
there’s a segment of the left that just really likes the idea of like, MAGA west Virginia coal miners somehow joining in the revolution against capital aesthetically, so they have to bend over backwards to excuse every dumb thing conservatives do

12:06 AM · Sep 9, 2021·Twitter Web App

The other half is that there’s a lot of money to be made doing the Even the Leftist thing in the Age of Trump.
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