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Susan Collins is “pro-choice” how, exactly?


Susan Collins is generally described as “pro-choice.” I would like someone to explain the logic underlying this conclusion. Her actions as a public official are certainly uncontaminated by any support for reproductive freedom:

Something you may have picked up on over the last several months is that reproductive rights are under assault throughout the country and people who support the right to choose are necessarily panicked. In the wake of Texas’s ban on abortion after six weeks, expected copycat laws in other states, and a Mississippi case that could see the Supreme Court overturn nearly 50 years of precedent, pro-choice lawmakers are scrambling to do whatever they can to protect the ability of a pregnant person to decide what to do with their body without input from creeps who think they should have a say. To that end, on Friday, House Democrats are expected to get the Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021 passed, which would guarantee a pregnant person’s legal right to the medical procedure and “permit health care providers to provide abortion services without limitations or requirements that single out the provision of abortion services.”

When it reaches the Senate, though, the bill faces much stiffer odds, as Democrats hold a narrow majority. Of course, if supposedly moderate Republicans who have claimed over the years to be pro-choice decided to back the legislation, well, that would certainly help the cause. Like, for example, Maine’s Susan Collins, who for years has talked a big game about supporting Roe v. Wade, up to and including today. She might be someone abortion rights advocates could count on, right? She’s never pretended to hold a moderate-to-liberal position on something only to vote exactly how you’d expect a conservative to, and then later release a completely absurd statement explaining her actions, rightRIGHT??

Oh, she has? And she’s going to do it again?

The obvious lie that Collins is “pro-choice” would be funny except for the fact that the electorate of Maine actually bought it. (Every Biden-Collins voter should be traded to Newfoundland for a dozen turbot to be named later.)

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