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I’ll show you what’s malignant


Apparently some people like Malignant. They say it’s cheesy-on-purpose and balls-to-the-wall film-making. I say it’s just bad–very, very bad.

Malignant is about a woman who has received disturbing messages from an evil voice since childhood. She has few recollections of her childhood, but the evil voice is back, this time along with some very disturbing visions of brutal murders.

The setup for this film is actually somewhat intriguing, which is why I was mildly shocked that it was also SO BORING. But a little first-third boredom I could handle. It’s the fact that Malignant is 1000% devoid of scares that makes it an embarrassing failure.

The cinematography’s great and the score is sort of cheesy-cool. Unfortunately, Malignant is not a horror film. It more close resembles a police procedural. And later–weirdly, very weirdly–an action film.

And the final, big reveal? Well, apparently many people find it a charming throwback to 70’s and 80’s horror, but I just found it laughable.

My art is scarier than Malignant.

Revealing Light
“Hat Trick”
“The Embiggening Spell”
“Haunted House”
“Unhappy Endings”

Don’t watch Malignant. Do get some creepy Halloween art.

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