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I don’t want it near schools — I don’t want it sold to children


That’s an infamia:

Alex Jones claims to believe that no one died in any shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. This is only one of many similar insane claims that has made and continues to make, in case you’re not familiar with his oeuvre.

I realize we pay way more attention at LGM to J.D. Vance than is healthy or probably warranted, but I remain morbidly curious about what’s going to happen to him after he flames out in the Republican senate primary in Ohio, assuming that he doesn’t start pointing out that Josh Mandel seems like an awfully cosmopolitan type to represent the down home folks of the Heartland if you know what I mean and I think you do.

Will good ‘ol Yale Law Class of I’m Not Looking it Up still get to promote his schtick with the help of such intellectual peers as Amy Chua? Or will his full embrace of the crazy edge of the Republican right wing (Narrator’s Voice: It’s all edge now) get him exiled to Breitbart etc?

If I had to bet I’d say the former, because well everybody knows you have to shade the truth a bit when you’re running for office. I mean maybe Kamala Harris isn’t literally a lizard person but a political campaign isn’t a jurisprudence seminar, and we’re all grownups here.

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