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Fourteen words, with Tucker Carlson


The nation’s most-watched cable news show is becoming even more explicitly fascist:

“’An unrelenting stream of immigration’: but why?” he said. “Well, Joe Biden just said it: to change the racial mix of the country. That’s the reason. To reduce the political power of people whose ancestors lived here and dramatically increase the proportion of Americans newly arrived from the Third World. And then Biden went further. He said that non-White DNA is the, quote, source of our strength. Imagine saying that this is the language of eugenics. It’s horrifying.”

This is not what Biden said, at all. He said that diversity is a source of our strength. He said nothing about intentionally changing the “racial mix” much less anything about DNA. That’s Carlson projecting, manifesting his own worries about how White America will be polluted by outsiders. It’s Carlson articulating his own insecurities out loud.

“This policy is called the great replacement,” Carlson said — which it is, by white nationalists.

Carlson first started overtly embracing the idea that White America was being intentionally replaced on his show back in April. Then, it was framed more explicitly in terms of politics; that Democrats, worried about losing elections, were bringing in new voters. Now, he’s mostly sidestepping that, instead amplifying it through the lens of his long-standing disgust about how “dirty” immigrants are hurting the country.

And in saying the loud parts louder Tucker is also sticking his thumb in the eye of Lachlan Murdoch, who denied that Tucker was saying what he has now said completely explicitly:

Far from being treated as anathema, Carlson’s theory about immigration is being woven into mainstream Republican rhetoric. Stefanik is a member of the House Republican leadership team and weighs the balance of raising money versus demonizing immigrants as dangerous in favor of the former. Nor is there any indication that Fox News is concerned about what Carlson is espousing. When he first made the comments back in April — again, centered not on “non-White DNA” but on immigrant voters — leadership at the network defended him.

“A full review of the guest interview indicates that Mr. Carlson decried and rejected replacement theory,” Lachlan Murdoch (Rupert’s son) wrote to the head of the Anti-Defamation League. “As Mr. Carlson himself stated during the guest interview: ‘White replacement theory? No, no, this is a voting rights question.’ ”

So what is it now? Now Fox News promotes Carlson’s argument on the homepage of its website.

Lord Haw-Haw will be at this long after Lahclan’s father is gone, and may help take American democracy down with him.

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