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Michael Simkovic’s amazing dishonesty


Law school shill Michael Simkovic published a long post yesterday, excoriating the Wall Street Journal for failing to acknowledge that the COVID epidemic was playing a major factor in the bad employment and debt outcomes for recent law school graduates the paper analyzed in this story. (It was actually entitled “Wall Street Journal Blames Law Schools for COVID Economy.”)

It was pointed out to him that this was exactly like taking someone to task for failing to interpret employment and debt data in the context of the Great Recession, when all of the data in question were no more recent than from 2005. (All of the data in the WSJ piece were from 2015 through 2018. The pandemic started in the USA in 2020. 2020 is two years after 2018).

So instead of publishing an appropriately shame-faced correction for structuring his entire argument around such a colossal and amateurish mistake — not to mention one he committed in the very same post in which he was criticizing a colleague for not being sophisticated enough to understand this sort of subtle economic analysis! — Simkovic published even longer and more hysterical diatribe today, which repeats the very same claim about the WSJ’s failure to take the effects of the COVID pandemic into account.

I suppose this is covered by the “It’s Not Fraud If It’s In A Blog Post” protocol, which I’m told was adopted at the First International Convention on Blogger Ethics.

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