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Lessons from the death of a Dick


A winger talk show host in Florida repented on his COVID-19 deathbed:

A conservative radio host in Florida who vehemently criticized the coronavirus vaccine has died of complications following covid-19, his fiancee and life-partner Kittie Farley confirmed Monday.

On Aug. 4, Farrel Austin Levitt, publicly known as Dick Farrel, died of “severe damage” caused by covid-19, Farley told The Washington Post. He was 65.

Farrel, a vocal supporter of former president Donald Trump, had said on his Facebook page the inoculations had been “promoted by people who lied [to you] all along about masks, where the virus came from and the death toll.”

However, Farrel swiftly changed his perspective about the vaccine after he contracted the virus, his friends and family said.

Less than two weeks before his death, Amy Leigh Hair said she texted Farrel, her friend for more than two decades, to tell him she was getting her first shot of the coronavirus vaccine.

“Get it!” he responded over text. “And then he told me that this virus is no joke and then he said: ‘I wish I had gotten it!’ ” Hair told The Post on Monday, urging others to get vaccinated.

Exactly how bad this thing will get the rest of the year in the US will depend on how many people hear stories like this and have their minds concentrated, and how many remain defiant when even people they once trusted tell them how incredibly horrible a severe case of COVID is.

This is also another example of why “hypocrisy” is an overrated charge — COVID denialists who publicly repent and try to persuade others are doing much more good than those that don’t.

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