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None of this would be happening if Ron DeSantis was governor


Just one heck of a job here:

The coronavirus is surging in Florida in ways not seen since the pandemic summer of 2020.

The Florida Department of Health reported 45,604 new COVID-19 infections over the seven-day period between July 9 and July 15. That’s an average of over 6,500 new infections every day.

The number of new cases in Florida has nearly doubled in the past seven days, according to the weekly report released Friday. Last week, the state reported 23,697 cases from the previous seven-day period.

That week-to-week growth rate is the highest the state has seen since the first wave of COVID-19 infections in June 2020.

The state has not seen this level of infection since April, when Florida’s third wave peaked at 5,756 cases per day. Since that peak, cases in Florida had been generally falling until case counts picked back up three weeks ago.

“The numbers are going up faster than any time I’ve ever seen since I started doing calculations back in June 2020,” said Dr. Tom Unnasch, a public health professor at the University of South Florida.

Florida is helping drive a national surge. U.S. coronavirus infections have tripled over the past three weeks, according to the Associated Press, and hospitalizations and deaths are rising among the unvaccinated.

It’s worth noting that DeSantis played a significant role in making ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ the normative Republican position nationally, so it’s not just his own state’s blood on his hands.

Anyway, it strikes me that the month+ the national press spent spiking the ball on behalf of DeSantis after he ran the ball 3 yards to his own 30 was deeply misguided, but the search for the Next Republican Hero is perpetual.

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