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I just read the daily news and swear by every word


The good news is that Ken Buck is far from the craziest member of Colorado’s Republican congressional delegation. Guess what the bad news is?


Unhinged conspiratorial thinking is now so commonplace among Republicans that it makes no sense to talk of the right wing fringe in America. It’s all fringe.

Relatedly, it doesn’t matter that the nature of the threat to America, or rather real America, is constantly shifting, from Latin American caravans swarming over our undefended borders, to Antifa and BLM burning down our cities, to Cancel Culture getting you fired for being a Christian, to Critical Race Theory polluting the minds of our children (always think of the children). The moral panic on the American right wing is constant, because the frenzied state of panic about “their” country slipping away is constant: the momentary manifestation of that panic is practically irrelevant.

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