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As we’ve previously discussed, several times this year large numbers of unmarked graves have been uncovered at the sites of Canada’s quasi-genocidal Residential Schools, in which young Indigenous people were forcibly separated from their families and died in unconscionable numbers from various combinations of physical abuse, malnutrition, medical neglect, and exposure to deadly viruses.

You might think this is so appalling, so obviously inhumane and indefensible, that no American conservative could defend it. But you would be wrong:

Whatever good was present at the Ossossané ossuary—where those who had not yet encountered the fullness of Truth honored their dead as best they knew how—is increased a thousandfold in the cemeteries of the residential schools, where baptized Christians were given Christian burials. Whatever natural good was present in the piety and community of the pagan past is an infinitesimal fraction of the grace rendered unto those pagans’ descendants who have been received into the Church of Christ. Whatever sacrifices were exacted in pursuit of that grace—the suffocation of a noble pagan culture; an increase in disease and bodily death due to government negligence; even the sundering of natural families—is worth it.

Family separation, ethnic cleansing, and premature death are defensible as long as the dead kids get Christian burials. That is certainly a take.

OK, but this is just the editor of a relatively obscure journal, can you imagine a Respectable Conservative at a Prestigious American University saying such a…

Wow, I wonder how and why Ivy League law schools keep pumping out all of these powerful authoritarians and seditionists.

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