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Bullshit artistry


Speaking of people whose shtick is bad faith to the point of sociopathy:

Since virtually all of Israel’s most vulnerable population has been vaccinated, it was inevitable we would reach this point. What Berenson isn’t telling you, of course, is that the average number of COVID-19 deaths in the entire country of Israel last week was 2:

As is also indicated by studies done by actual researchers rather than people pretending to be statistical illiterates to maximize their Fox News appearances, Israel is in fact a case study in how effective the vaccines are. Which is also why it’s the states where public policy and individual attitudes have been influenced by people like Alex Berenson where COVID infections, hospitalizations, and deaths are spiking in the US. It’s not that he doesn’t know this; it’s that he’s dead enough inside to either not care or to take active pleasure in it.

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