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The mind of a vain sociopath


Few things can some up The Donald as effectively as this paragraph from a story about his near-death experience with COVID-19:

The day after the Supreme Court celebration, Trump had also hosted military families at the White House. At Trump’s insistence, few were wearing masks, but they were packed in a little too tight for his comfort. He wasn’t worried about others getting sick, but he did fret about his own vulnerability and complained to his staff afterward. Why were they letting people get so close to him? Meeting with the Gold Star families was sad and moving, he said, but added, “If these guys had covid, I’m going to get it because they were all over me.” He told his staff that they needed to do a better job of protecting him.

Trump is just completely indifferent to whether anyone else, including his strongest supporters, get COVID, although he knows perfectly well how horrifying getting it would be, and is just bullshitting when he claims repeatedly that it’s no big deal. He wants to be protected but he won’t wear a mask because it would threaten his sexuality or something. But of course as the most powerful person in the world he could get access to the life-saving drug his cultists couldn’t, so he cheated the Reaper who wouldn’t have necessarily been entirely Grim in this case.

This, on the other hand, is representative of a certain kind of denial Trump has compelled so many people to adopt:

Trump’s medical advisers hoped his bout with the coronavirus, which was far more serious than acknowledged at the time, would inspire himto take the virus seriously. Perhaps now, they thought, he wouldencourage Americans to wear masks and put his health and medical officials front and center in the response. Instead, Trump emerged from the experience triumphant and ever more defiant. He urged people not to be afraid of the virus or let it dominate their lives,disregarding that he had had access to health care and treatments unavailable to other Americans.

I guess constantly lying to yourself is how you get through this, but Jesus Christ how can anyone be this delusional?

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