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Reality Winner and the Espionage Act


Reality Winner has been released from prison. The tragedy of her story lay in thinking that when Glenn Greenwald said “of course, I support a full investigation” it was an earnest statement rather than a joke he may or may not have been in on at the time:

As Charles Pierce says, there would be one really obvious response to her unjust imprisonment:

God knows, we can’t know what she knows. It was the NSA’s election, not ours. We can’t frighten the children or scare the horses or prompt a mean email from the Crackerpot Palace down in Florida. Well, here’s one thing we can do: We can get Congress to kill the Espionage Act really, most sincerely dead. It is a meat-ax abomination to civil liberties born in one of the worst periods for civil liberties in our history: the days of A. Mitchell Palmer and that prince of fools, President Woodrow Wilson…

Lying statutes like this lying around like a loaded weapon is a bad idea.

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