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J.D. Vance appeals to his only constituency


Yalie Venture Capitalist J.D. Vance is about to make his entry into the Ohio Senate primary official, which has a chance of succeeding if at least 50% of Ohio Republican voters are replaced with Beltway reporters:

J.D. Vance— whose raw bestseller, “Hillbilly Elegy,” helped elites process the Trump upset — plans to announce at a factory in Ohio this week that he’s seeking the Republican nomination for Senate, sources tell me.

Driving the news: Vance’s top issues will be the culture wars (including cancel culture, critical race theory and Big Tech), immigration and economic populism (with an emphasis on inflation).

Vance is a New Kind of Republican laser-focused on the material advancement of the working class, and you can see that by his commitment to the culture war empty signifier Republicans got tired of, the culture war empty signifier Republicans have pretended to care about for the last month, and every culture war empty signifier that will come down the pike between now and the primary. Oh, and also he favors “economic populism” like taking away people’s access to healthcare and encouraging interest rates that will help creditors rather than debtors. Feel the populism!

This campaign will get a lot of fawning, credulous coverage and lose by at least 30 points.

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