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Flyover women, they don’t mess around

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You might be a flyover woman if this picture makes you want to have lots of babies. – Photo by Tapio Haaja on Unsplash

Thanks (?????) to commentariat Karen for alerting us to the fact that someone at Der Federalist is very much extremely enraged by imaginary feminism, again. I’m pretty sure I read the whole thing even though it was titled “Meet The Flyover Women Pop Culture Ignores,” and has a hilariously cropped photo that looks like it should be titled “A Modest Proposal.” However, there was some involuntary eye rolling and I’m not reading that shit a second time. Someone else can take a look and let me know if I missed anything.

At any rate, based on my read it contains the usual barely coherent screed about Radical Extremist Feminist Marxist Abortionists who want to destroy civilization by making women be like men, which means hating babies and getting rid of them.

Therefore, to be equal, women must be able to eliminate the consequences of sex, like men, and rid themselves of unborn children through unrestricted abortion.

I assume the author never leaves her children alone with her husband, since every God-fearing, baby treasuring, hetero marriage-appreciating woman knows that men will commit infanticide if you turn your backs on them, apparently.

Abortion is the crux of most women’s policy issues and is at the heart of the greatest political divisions in the United States.

Because panty-sniffing dumbfucks won’t shut up and mind their own business. And based on this outburst there’s plenty of other things the author and the alleged hordes of women who are just like her but overlooked by everyone could be doing.

Fly-over women are the moms and daughters and wives and sisters and friends the media overlooks because they are religious or frumpy or don’t have sexy day jobs.

Waah, Anderson Cooper hasn’t come to her house once to ask her opinion on things. Stupid media.

They are considered uneducated doormats. Their bodies are often tired, hair not always perfectly coiffed, and nails rarely manicured. Their homes may not be camera-ready, their meals probably aren’t gourmet, and talking points aren’t ready on their tongues.

Believe it or not, blaming imaginary REMFA for the frankly psychotic standards society creates for women, including women who don’t work outside of the home and the fact she hasn’t been to the salon in a while isn’t the dumbest thing in this collection of words. This gets my vote.

Women traditionally have been seen as a kind of vessel that transforms whatever it holds. We see it in the Romance languages, where words like “ocean,” “ship,” and “oven,” are feminine.

In French, so are the words for “beard,” “person” and a slang term for penis. Either the REMFA have been at work a lot longer than the 50 years the author claims or trying to make some ridiculous right wing point about gender based on gender in Romance languages is a good way to look like a bigger clown than usual. [Several people have pointed out that ocean, ship and oven are masculine in French. My profuse apologies to all of my French teachers.]

Oh wait. there’s also this.

This is why boats are named after women.

Uh-huh. I hope this person hasn’t named her daughters Titanic, Midway, and Mayflower, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she did.

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