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Checking in with America’s Dumbest Senator


RoJo got suspended from YouTube by yet again urging his supporters to take useless-to-counterproductive drugs, while discouraging them from taking safe and extremely effective vaccines:

A Milwaukee Press Club event has landed Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson in hot water with YouTube.

On Friday, Johnson was slapped with a one-week suspension from uploading videos to YouTube after the company said he violated the website’s COVID-19 “medical misinformation policies.”

A YouTube spokesperson told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and other outlets Friday: “We removed the video in accordance with our COVID-19 medical misinformation policies, which don’t allow content that encourages people to use Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin to treat or prevent the virus.”

According to a copy of its policy statement: “YouTube doesn’t allow content that spreads medical misinformation that contradicts local health authorities’ or the World Health Organization’s (WHO) medical information about COVID-19.”

Johnson’s office said the comments were flagged from his Milwaukee Press Club appearance on June 3, in which he criticized the Trump and Biden administrations for “not only ignoring but working against robust research (on) the use of cheap, generic drugs to be repurposed for early treatment of COVID.”

And now, the punchline:

“YouTube’s ongoing COVID censorship proves they have accumulated too much unaccountable power,” he said. “Big Tech and mainstream media believe they are smarter than medical doctors who have devoted their lives to science and use their skills to save lives.

The last time I checked, Donald Trump, Alex Berenson, and Richard Epstein are not in fact scientists.

But what about Tuberville, someone will ask? Sorry, but not even in the running anymore:

U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville on Thursday urged people to get the COVID-19 vaccine and said he supports a new proposal to donate U.S. vaccine doses overseas. 

“I’ve taken it. It’s safe,” Tuberville said. “We need to get this virus behind us. We’ve got it in our rearview mirror but we haven’t left it yet. It’s still lurking out there.”

Tuberville made the comments Thursday at a news conference at Dannelly Field in Montgomery, where he wrapped up a tour of Alabama’s five military bases. 

Tuberville said he supported President Joe Biden’s plan, announced Thursday, to distribute about 19 million vaccine doses internationally as part of a global vaccine equity initiative.

Good for him, even if this is also Excellent News for Roy Moore.

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