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An election in New York


I assume some of you may want to discuss this? Michelle Goldberg’s case for ranking Garcia and WIley 1-2 seems sound to me:

That said, an Adams mayoralty would likely be pretty terrible. He has a penchant for dishonesty and demagogy, and both were on full display when he accused Yang and Kathryn Garcia of racism because they had the temerity to join forces against him.

“For them to come together like they are doing in the last three days, they’re saying we can’t trust a person of color to be the mayor of the City of New York,” he said over the weekend. (Yang is, needless to say, a person of color.) Some of Adams’s surrogates went further, saying that Yang and Garcia are engaging in “voter suppression” and trying to “disenfranchise Black voters.”

On the cusp of an election that will determine the future of post-Covid New York, it feels as if we’re staggering toward catastrophe. Both of the male front-runners are, for different reasons, unsuited to the office. New York cannot afford a leader who doesn’t know how to do the job. It can’t afford a mayor who has, as The Times reported, repeatedly pushed “the boundaries of campaign-finance and ethics laws,” and could spend four years mired in scandal, using race to deflect every criticism. Among the leading candidates, our only hope lies with the women, Garcia and Maya Wiley.


That makes it all the more urgent that someone besides Adams leads New York’s recovery. My ideal candidate would have Wiley’s politics and Garcia’s technocratic experience, but either one of them is capable of saving this city.

A Wiley victory would be inspirational; she combines Yang’s sense of fun with a deep background in civil rights and an understanding of how City Hall functions. A Garcia victory would be reassuring; no one has done more to keep New York running during calamities from Hurricane Sandy to the pandemic. Ideologically, Garcia is a centrist, but devotion to public service, to making government function well, is itself a progressive value.

New York is in trouble and deserves someone who is neither a neophyte nor a bully. We need, at a minimum, someone decent and competent who understands the bureaucracy the mayor commands. If she doesn’t win, we’re in for a rough four years.

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