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The Birthrate “Issue”


I chafe at the idea that people not having a bunch of children is a problem, since especially in the developed world, it’s basically a prerequisite to fighting climate change. But whatever, people are going to make the decisions they are going to make, regardless of what grumpy people like me are going to tell them. However, if we do think that America’s declining birthrate is a problem, then there is an obvious solution, which is increasing immigration, a solution that solves lots of problems.

Moreover, if you think that a declining birthrate is a problem, maybe it’s useful to look at why that is–student debt, an unstable economy, the belief that the world will be worse for our children than it is for us just as it is worse for us than our parents, the price of housing, etc. There are all sorts of reasons for people to not have kids, not even counting issues around childcare, desire to have a career, and many other social factors.

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