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Insurrection commission blocked by 35 of 100 senators


When future historians study the decline and fall of the United States of America, we can only hope that due attention will be paid to how a rule of Senate procedure that was adopted almost by happenstance, and whose regular use is still younger than many people who aren’t yet legally old enough to buy a beer, helped wreck what had been the richest and most powerful nation the world had yet seen.

Meanwhile, Joe Manchin folks:

Change an absurd procedural rule that was adopted almost randomly, and was very rarely used until it was weaponized in just the last few years by aspiring authoritarian theocrats = “destroy our government.”

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

Also too, color me unimpressed by the six GOP senators who voted for this. If they ever actually cast a vote that leads to a result that Donald Trump and his merry band of fascist enablers doesn’t like, then they can have donut. A jelly even.

Until then this is all just empty preening, just like that engaged in by the 35 Republicans in the House who voted for the commission. As a practical matter, at this point in American history the only meaningful moral gesture a Republican politician can make is to stop being a Republican.

. . . I forgot to mention that the explanation Republicans were giving for why they were blocking the commission, until somebody got on the Bat Phone and told them to cut it out, was that voting for it would be bad for their electoral prospects next year! THAT is how degraded our political culture has become. Can you imagine a DA blocking an investigation of corruption in the DA’s office because, according to the DA, the investigation would be bad for the DA’s prospects of re-election? THAT IS LITERALLY THE REPUBLICAN PARTY’S PUBLIC POSITION ON INVESTIGATING THE STORMING OF THE US CAPITOL BY AN INSURRECTIONIST MOB.

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