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Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day

GRIFTERS, THE, Eddie Jones, John Cusack, 1990

Teach a man to hijack a weekly truckload of fish coming off the mob-controlled wharfs and he’ll mangia bene:


It’s time to stand up to The Left!

I just published my new book, The Tyranny of Big Tech, and The Left is going nuts!

In my new book, I take a deep dive and explore how Big Tech has become a danger to our First Amendment Rights and the steps we must take as a nation to curb the influence of corporate elites.

As a longtime member of the Conservative movement, I wanted to make sure that you had a chance to claim a copy before they sell out.
All you have to do to claim your very own copy of The Tyranny of Big Tech is to contribute $75 or more RIGHT NOW.
Please contribute $75 or more in the NEXT HOUR to claim your very own copy of The Tyranny of Big Tech. >>

I clicked on the link so you don’t have to, and discovered that my $75 contribution will keep happening every month automatically unless I unclick an already helpfully checked box that makes my contribution recurring.

Also too unless I unclick another already clicked box I will make yet another $75 contribution on May 15th, to help stem the yellow red black brown tide of Joe Biden’s and Chuck Schumer’s and Nancy Pelosi’s Radical Left agenda.

As always, Rick Perlstein’s now nine-year-old essay on the Long Con remains essential reading, although I suspect Sen. Hawley himself is strictly short-time, as they say in the rackets.

. . . Rick Perlstein in comments:

As I point out as often as I can when the piece comes up in
discussion, the real scandal is not the grifting I document in the
essay–grifters gonna grift–but that NO POLITICAL JOURNALIST ON THOSE
SAME EMAIL LISTS AS ME ever thought to write about it. It SHOULD NOT
HAVE BEEN NEWS! I dashed this off stringing together old blog posts
because a deadline loomed, presuming it was all old news; instead, it
reverberated for years with the force of revelation. What that really
reveals is the structural failure of bothsides journalism, in that the
basic qualities of conservatism could remain hidden for so long.

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