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So now trying to keep people from voting against you is “racist” if those voters happen not to be white


I mean what kind of definition is that? It’s like calling somebody an “anti-Semite” just because he’s concerned about the domination of international finance and the entertainment industry by a cabal of rootless cosmopolitain globalists who just happen to be Jews. Whose fault is that anyway?

Psaki does a good job of using Fox News manbot Steve Peter (It’s not my fault They All Look the Same) Doocy as a chew toy here, but it’s hard to overstate the extent to which the current right wing talking point about how Georgia’s new voter suppression laws are Just Like What They Do in Colorado is pure gaslighting.

Colorado probably has the best voting system in the country: Everybody is automatically mailed a ballot at the address listed on their voter registration; you can send it back by US mail or return it to any of many conveniently located drop boxes; you can still vote in person several days prior to and up through election day; and you can vote on the same day that you register to vote.

In other words, choosing Colorado as a comparator to the Georgia law simply because the MLB All-Star game got moved here from Atlanta is a good example of how Republicans don’t even bother any more to make arguments that can stand up to ten seconds of actual scrutiny. Indeed that’s the whole point: if you’re a True Believer, the more ridiculous the argument, the better it tests one’s faith in the cause and its Leader.

Psaki ends with the nice point that MLB is a private business, and that telling it where it can and can’t hold its All-Star game would seem to violate the Sacred Precepts of the Free Enterprise System, not that Republicans don’t always drop those a nanosecond after they become inconvenient.

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