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NFL Draft Round 1 Open Thread


It’s that time of the year where teams massively overdraft quarterbacks. Last year, all three QBs actually looked functional, with both Burrow and Herbert pretty awesome. Tua had his moments too, though not so many toward the end. Anyway, this probably means that most of these QBs will suck and I can’t say I’d have a lot of confidence in these guys. Lance not only played just 1 game last year but has little experience and comes out of the FCS so who the heck knows what you are really getting there. Fields was down last year. Mac Jones is basically a Bama system QB and non-star college systems QB don’t have that much success in the NFL. Trevor Lawrence definitely seems like the real deal to me, but who knows. Zach Wilson I feel reasonably OK about.

But then what do I know. I thought Josh Allen would be a disaster, though to be fair I also thought Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold would also be disasters and 2/3 ain’t bad.

Anyway, open thread! And I can watch for my man Penei Sewell to go high. Anthony Muñoz/Jonathan Ogden potential at left tackle there. Bengals will draft him if they aren’t idiots, so he will probably go to some other team.

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