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LGM Podcast: Ian Toll on the Pacific Trilogy


On the latest LGM podcast I interview Ian Toll, author of the Pacific Trilogy (Pacific Crucible, the Conquering Tide, and Twilight of the Gods) as well as Six Frigates. As I’ve mentioned a few times here on the blog, I enjoyed Toll’s account of the Pacific War enormously, devouring the audio editions over the course of about 80 hours. Toll is a fantastic storyteller, but the account is also analytically interesting for the War and Society set, including deep dives into how Japanese, Filipino, American, and Australian cultures changed under the stress of war.

I’m also taking the unusual step of posting the questions here; we didn’t get to quite all of them, but it gives you a sense of where the conversation went. It was a fabulously enjoyable discussion, and I was deeply honored to have Mr. Toll as a guest.

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