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LGM Film Club, Part 153: Winged Migration


I rewatched Winged Migration the other night. It’s such a great film. Following birds, mostly geese and other related waterfowl who migrate in packs, along their migration routes in ultralights, it’s just an astounding film, really one of the great documentaries of all time. One reason it works is the limited narration, another is that it smartly shows some aspects of humans that hurt these birds (some hunting scenes, one bird that gets trapped in the muck in this horrible polluted factory they stop at), but they don’t beat that point into the ground. Mostly, it’s just the beauty of birds.

The one down sign–the soundtrack is horrible, filled with New Age vocal chants of the type that were briefly kind of popular 20 years ago but that do not hold up today. At all. It’s really bad.

Still, a great film. Here’s a 10 minute clip.

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