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Brearley Dad denies existence of, and frequently commits, systemic racial discrimination


Bari Weiss’s latest Angry Rich White Guy, I am sad to say, has a blog. As you would expect, it includes posts for people who enjoy the epidemiological takes of Richard Epstein and Alex Berenson but wish their prose was more turgid and ungrammatical. More relevant to the current context, he has a post arguing that affirmative action leads to more racial discrimination, and he should know, because affirmative action has caused him to engage in racial discrimination:

But with Affirmative Action, I must consider the fact that students of certain minority groups have lower qualifications. Hence, when reviewing a resume, I am effectively forced to look at the student’s name, his or her club affiliations, etc. to try to determine whether the applicant is of minority group status5, and adjust my resume evaluations accordingly.

In other words, by having separate sets of admissions criteria, Affirmative Action breeds racism by forcing a hiring manager to consider race. And this, of course, makes a hiring manager less likely to hire members of that minority group, at least absent further Affirmative Action within the hiring organization.

I think we can see why Guttman wants the bar for “racism” set at the level of concentration camps!

Elizabeth Spiers observes that the Finance Bro has some thoughts about teaching, which he has developed in years of instruction at Trump University “The Institute of Finance” (founder: Andrew Guttman). They are…pretty much what you’d expect:

Diversity in the classroom is enormously overrated because classroom discussion is enormously overrated. Students should not be in school to listen to their uneducated peers pontificate. They should be in school to learn from their educated teachers. I realize this is probably an unpopular and minority viewpoint, but in my many years of education (as both a student and a teacher) I have found classroom discussion almost always to be a colossal waste of educational time.

This is extremely bad pedagogy, but it’s a useful illustration of what complaints about CANCEL CULTURE from the reactionary center-to-right have always amounted to: people of a particular social status should feel free to say anything they want with no consequences and everyone else should shut up. But then, preemptively declaring all criticism of your views to be illegitimate is a useful trick when you’re fond of making very confident pronouncements about subjects you know absolutely nothing about. (As Spiers says, I’d love him to provide evidence that he’s ever read a single word of Critical Race Theory.)

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