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When one major political faction is a death cult


Of the 29 shootings that have resulted in the deaths of 10 or more people in the US since 1949, all involved the use of a firearm and all but two involved a semi-automatic weapon. This should be a relatively easy problem to solve in the long term, since there is no good reason for any civilian to own or have anything but the most tightly controlled access to a semi-automatic rifle. Assault weapons have been illegal in the United States this century, and such bans do not violate the 2nd Amendment even if you think the amendment contains a right to keep a civilian firearm for self-defense. The lawmakers who allowed the Brady bill to expire are un-indicted co-conspirators in these shootings:

But, of course, nothing can be done because America’s neoconfederate political faction believes that it is unacceptably “political” to restrict access to deadly weapons just because they keep being used to mow down groups of innocent people while having no actual value:

A lot of people will die needlessly until the flatearthers fall off the face of the Earth, if they ever do.

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