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Uncle Joe Wants YOU to be vaccinated ASAP


The COVID vaccines have compelled us here at LGM to adopt the unusual position of optimism, but even I wouldn’t have expected this timeline:

One year after the nation was brought to a near-standstill by the coronavirus, President Joe Biden is outlining his plan Thursday evening to make all adults vaccine-eligible by May 1 and get the country “closer to normal” by the Fourth of July. He’s using his first prime-time address to offer Americans fresh hope and appeal anew for their help.

Speaking in the White House East Room, Biden will announce moves to speed vaccinations, including directing that all states make all adults eligible for doses by May 1. Previewing his remarks, senior administration officials said Biden would also announce steps to expand the number of places and categories of people who can give shots, aiming to let Americans gather at least in small groups for the Independence Day holiday.

Biden is marking one year since the onset of the pandemic that has killed more than 530,000 Americans and disrupted the lives of countless more.

In addition to the speedups in distribution that make a May 1 universal adult eligibility deadline viable, this repudiation of Eeyorism without being reckless is exactly the right message. Things won’t be back to “normal” in July but getting the vaccine is a very big deal. If only his predecessor wasn’t a total sociopath I would feel even better.

This says more about the competition than Biden, but if this target is hit, combined with the ARP I think he would be a top-10 president if he left office in August.

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