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Stephen Miller, America’s assignment editor


I wish I were surprised that the media has pivoted to CARAVANS! 2.0, not only following Miller’s agenda but presenting him as some kind of disinterested authority:

It was only a matter of time before Stephen Miller returned to the spotlight. And he did this week under the guise of a straight-shooting immigration expert to expound on the Trump administration’s supposed media transparency at the US-Mexico border, by way of comparisonwith the Biden administration’s restrictions on media access.

And so begins the normalization process of a white nationalist whose influence caused so much pain at the border and elsewhere. Miller’s resume as Trump’s senior adviser includes separating children from their parents — and he clearly egged on Trumpto support his racist policies.Of all the problematic men surrounding the former president, Miller has to be the baddest. And not in a good way.

But only two months since Trump was practically pried out of the White House with a crowbar, Miller is gaslighting the public.And he seems determined to raise his public profile. On Friday he announced a new gambit: Politico reported that Miller is forming a new legal group that will focus on filing lawsuits against perceived abuses made by the Biden administration.

It’s another attempt at normalization, just like his recent interview in Politico Playbook’s morning newsletter, which sought Miller’s take on the Biden administration’s handling of migrants at the border. Biden has faced increased criticism from journalistselected officials, and freedom-of-the-press groups for denying media access to overwhelmed border facilities that are housing unaccompanied minors seeking asylum. Politico quoted Miller without noting his alarming white nationalist background.

Personal to Politico: let Mark Halperin’s style of journalism die with Mark Halperin’s career, thanks.

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