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Biden to stop U.S. support for the war in Yemen


The most optimistic take on Biden’s foreign policy is that, after a Senate career of mostly being a generic Dem hawk, he was generally on the dovish side of internal disputes within the Obama administration. Here’s some justification for the optimism:

President Joe Biden gave his first foreign policy speech as president on Thursday from the State Department, where he announced that America is pulling back its participation in the war in Yemen and taking steps to aid refugees and members of the LGBTQ community worldwide.

“This war has to end,” Biden said, referring to the conflict in Yemen where Iranian-backed Houthi rebels have been fighting Saudi-led forces. Biden said the U.S. would be ending support for offensive operations there, “including relevant arms sales,” but would continue to help Saudi Arabia “defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

It’s not the biggest deal in the world given the limited nature of American involvement, but it’s encouraging as a statement about the direction of his policy.

Also a good sign if it happens:

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