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Kamala Harris and the Future of IP Protection


Some thoughts on what Kamala Harris offered as a legislator and California attorney general with respect to intellectual property protection…

Today we take a closer look at the IP policies favored by Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, and in particular the DEFEND act, a piece of legislation sponsored by the incoming vice president during her time in the Senate. Harris had a history of pursuing IP violators even before she entered the Senate. As attorney general of California, she sued textile producers in India and China for copyright piracy, and also for the misappropriation of properly licensed software. As vice president, Harris will have influence both over executive branch policy and legislation while presiding over a closely divided Senate. 

In the Senate, Harris sponsored the Deterring Espionage by Foreign Entities through National Defense (DEFEND) Actwhich increases damages and extends the statute of limitation for trade secret theft, and (perhaps more importantly) facilitate extraterritorial prosecution of violators. 

This is part of the Patents for Power project.

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