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Trump administration concedes election to Joe Biden


And rather graciously, too.

On a heavier note, I tend to agree with this analysis from Jared Yates Sexton:

The ultimate question about Trump and Trumpism is whether he and his cult represent a dead end for a Republican party that is getting too radicalized to maintain national electoral viability, or whether they are merely way stations on the road to the sort of radicalization that doesn’t end up worrying much about electability, because it doesn’t worry much about elections, period.

I know the answer to this question, which is that we don’t yet know the answer to this question.

Perceptive and sobering analysis from commenter Tzimiskes:

I don’t think we will see much actual violence, I think the large number of war veterans was an essential part of interwar fascism. I hadn’t been so sure of this earlier, but the lack of significant violence this election convinced me of this.

The problem lies in the right abusing technically legal maneuvers to eviscerate elections in the future. With a trifecta and the Court they can almost certainly do this in a manner that meets technical legal standards.

This poses a huge problem. If Democrats get a trifecta and the Courts we can almost certainly fix our election laws to prevent this possibility. But barring unlikely scenarios we are unlikely to have the courts any time soon.

This leaves only solutions that really break current norms, which is really problematic for people who want to restore norms and a functioning government. And even the norm breaking route requires a trifecta, which seems difficult under current conditions. Maybe in 2022.

So it’s not surprising that so many people want to ignore this. Acknowledging it requires radical solutions and this is difficult for people who aren’t radical by temperament. It’s so much easier to just hope we get lucky and we don’t see unified Conservative control until the right calms down.

I am not sure what can be done to make this kind of person acknowledge the danger we are in. Doing anything about the situation requires solutions that are really more radical than the steps that Republicans would have to take to destroy democracy, which could consist entirely of steps with plenty of precedence in American history while protecting democracy would likely require breaking new ground, or at least breaking norms that have been in place for a very long time. Republicans just have to go back to Jim Crow, real democratic reform requires probably requires solutions that haven’t been done since the 19th century. This is really difficult for people to accept so of course they try to hide from this reality, and it’s much more widespread than just pundits.

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