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The politics of election calls

When Fox News called Ohio for President Obama, analyst Karl Rove insisted that the decision was premature. Click here to watch the conversation.

The thing is that Joe Biden is very, very obviously the winner of the Electoral College, and if networks were applying their usual criteria PA and NV would have been called several hours ago if not yesterday:

It seems pretty clear at this point that refusing to call these states is being done for prudential and/or expedient reasons rather than because the decision desks think there’s any real doubt. Up to a point, I think it’s reasonable to use a little more caution when calling a tipping-point state, but I think we’ve passed the point of a reasonableness now. And even from a pragmatic perspective refusing to call the states is doing more harm than good given the Trumpian narratives that delays engineered by Republican legislatures = fraud. Anyway hopefully the next couple of batches from Philadelphia cause one of the networks to finally admit the obvious.

In the meantime, enjoy this Very Serious proposal, and we can spectulate how many Republican members of Congtess will re-tweet it:

…to be Scrupulously Fair there IS evidence emerging of attempted election fraud in Georgia:

this is a good summary of why Decision Desk called PA and the presidency.

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