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The Falsest Equivalency


You have gotta be kidding me with this shit:

Hillary conceded (a closer) election before noon the day after Election Day. There was no obstruction of the transition, and indeed Obama had already had a gracious meeting in the Oval Office with Trump. The idea there’s any comparison at all here is astoundingly dumb.

This Both Sidesism isn’t merely wrong; it’s actively pernicious. Everything that tries to normalize what Trump is trying to pull off here is in full collaboration with it, period.

…as Murc observes in comments, the equivalency is false coming and going:

Even above and beyond that, the unexamined priors here are astounding.

McArdle takes it as an article of faith that Abrams and Clinton had no legitimate grievances and did not articulate them legitimately. That Kemp did nothing untoward in Georgia that might have influenced the election results, and the Trump campaign did nothing wrong, and that it is legitimate for someone who loses the popular vote to take office and those who say “maybe this shouldn’t happen, and the constitutional mechanisms that exist to ensure it shouldn’t happen should be engaged” are the ones in the wrong.

I understand why McMegan wants us to accept these priors, but we aren’t obligated to do so.

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