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The autogolpe next time


The fact that Trump’s attempts to steal the election are so obviously incompetent and doomed makes the unwillingness of most Republican elites to oppose them all the more disturbing:

Before proceeding, we should be clear about something: This is not going to happen. At least not this year. Donald Trump’s position is far too weak to support such a scheme. He would need to flip at least three states, his legal team is comically inept, and his gestures toward this drastic step have been too little and too late to sustain the necessary pressure.

But it’s because his effort is so feeble that the compliance of many Republicans is so striking. While supporting a coup that might come to fruition is tempting, supporting one that is certain to fail is not. Trump’s pathetic campaign to discredit the election is the easiest possible test of his party’s commitment to democracy. Remarkably, a number of prominent Republicans are failing it.

Influential Republican activists like Tom Fitton, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Ken Starr have all demanded state legislators override the election result. Politicians like Florida governor Ron DeSantis and South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham have also signed on.

Remember when James Bennet commissioned Starr to write a testimony to Bill Barr’s sterling character? The aristocrats!

In addition to every other institutional feature of our broken Constitution that favors Republicans, it’s also clear that for the foreseeable future Democrats are going to have to clear a “not close enough to steal” threshold. It’s very bad even if it doesn’t work this time!

Still, let us not forget the real authoritarianism…trying to edit the copy of a blogger you’re paying a mid-six-figure salary:

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